You Asked?


When a number of people ask similar questions, we do the research to find answers and then publish a Special Report. These are sent as email attachments (Adobe pdf documents). Some of the Special Reports are listed here:

  • Should Investors Pay Premiums?

This report shows you how to analyze the investment. It does not evaluate your risk tolerance nor the company that sold it to you, but will give you an idea if you need to demand more information before investing more money.

  • Bankruptcy and Receivership

If the company that sold you the investment ends up in bankruptcy or receivership, there are special problems for investors, problems unique to this industry. Here is how to prepare yourself. (Excerpted from the book, Viatical & Life Settlements: An Investor’s Guide).

  • The Bond that Does Not Pay

You paid extra for reinsurance, expecting the bond would protect you. But not all reinsurers are the same. Not all bonds are secure. Here’s what you ned to know before writing that check.

  • Predicting Life Expectancy

Predicting life expectancy for viatical and life settlements is similar and also very different from the objectives of insurance companies’ underwriters. For example, someone who qualifies for $5 million death benefits can afford the best health care treatment, which could prolong that insured’s life. An elderly person who is overweight has far less risk to life expectancy than a young person. (Excerpted from the book, Viatical & Life Settlements: An Investor’s Guide.)