justiceAlthough many of these companies no longer are in business, it took years for government agencies to halt their activities. This should indicate that the company with whom you are considering doing business may, eventually, be indicted and convicted.

Some companies were placed in receivership. Some simply were issed orders to cease and desist violating stat law. Those whose principals went to federal or state prison are indicated by two exclamation marks. (!!)

The list is not complete. It does not include all companies convicted of fraud, and it does not include all that continue to operate but had their hands lightly slapped by regulators.

We Do have reports on mostf these companies. A sample of the lists is available by clicking on the highlighted companies.

Double exclamation marks indicate companies no longer operating.

  • !!  Accelerated Benefits Corp. (aka ABC Viaticals)
  • !!  Alpha Capital Group
  • !!  American Benefits Services/Financial Federated (the 2d viatical Ponzi)
  • !!  Amerifirst Funding
  • !!  A&O Life Funding
  • !!  Beneficial Assistance (Imtek)
  • !!  Carrington Estate Planning
  •      Coventry First
  • !!  Dedicated Resources
  • !!  Dignity Partners (died a natural death)
  • !!  Eagle Investments
  • !!  Empire State Viatical
  •      Fidelity Assurance Associates
  • !!  Future First Financial Group
  • !!  Justus Viatical
  • !!  Kelco (a wrongful conviction–the untold story) To Be Added
  • !!  Lexus aka Lexis
  • !!  Liberte Capital Group
  • !!  Life Benefits Group
  • !!  Life Investment Funding (one of Coyne & York companies)
  • !!  Life Options International
  •      Life Partners Inc. (aka Life Partners Holdings)
  • !!  Lifetime Capital Inc.
  • !!  Life Settlement Network (one of Coyne & York companies)
  • !!  National Medical Funding
  •      Omni Advisor Group (recreated in Calif. as Oxford Financial)
  •     Page & Assoc. dba Lifeline Program
  • !! Personal Choice Opportunties (the 1st Ponzi)
  • !! Provident Capital
  •     Robin Hood
  • !! Resource Funding Group (one of Coyne & York companies)
  • !! Southwest Viatical – run by a convicted murderer
  •     Tonga’s investment and their Court Jester
  • !! Trade Partners
  •     Universal Settlements
  • !! Viatical Capital
  • !! Viatical Escrow Services

NOTE: There are more than 100 companies in the US who transact viatical & life settlements, with affiliates in Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. If you do not see the name of the company that interests you on this list, it does not mean the company is trustworthy. It simply means that due to time constraints we listed some, not all.

If you see any errors, please notify me. If you know of other companies you think should be listed, please notify me. I do require documentation to prove they were charged with a violation. If you need information about a specific company (or principal or sales agent) send email.