If you are seeking advice, send email to pose your question. There is no charge if we cannot help or if you (or a loved one) are terminally and thinking of selling your life insurance.

At times people ask why we charge for consultation. Some reasons:

  • Our only saleable asset is information.

  • We have information on most companies dating back to the beginning of this industry.

  • It takes considerable time, effort, and expense to acquire the information we have.

  • We are not funded nor financed by any entity.

  • Other than the Web site and library copies of our books, we do not provide information free of charge (other than the exceptions noted above).

  • If you have one question, such as “Should I Pay the Premium,” check Special Reports.
  • If your purpose in asking for consultation is to get a recommendation about a company, please note that we do not endorse nor recommend any company, and we never have. Some of the reasons:

    • This is a private industry.  It is impossible to know what goes on behind their closed doors, which means a company that looks “five-star” today could sell to a unscrupulous person tomorrow.

    • Few, if any, companies are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    • Although registration with the SEC requores reporting and disclosures, it means little in terms of regulation. The documents the company filed may or may not be factual and truthful. Enron, Worldcom, and Life Partners are examples of why SEC registrations means little.

    • Some states require companies to register with a state regulatory agency. That does not equate to being regulated.

    • Regulation OFTEN occurs after-the-fact (i.e., shutting down a company after millions of dollars were stolen from investors).

    • Since the industry is not regulated, there is little-to-no reliable disclosure.

  • If you think the safest company is one with millions of dollars in revenue, there are more questions to ask than available answers:

    • Is this a billion dollar a year industry? or a ten billion industry? No one knows for sure. Don’t believe press releases sent out by companies that want your business (your money).

    • The only way to evaluate if an investment is appropriate for you and if a particular company can be trusted, is to follow the directions and advice in Viatical & Life Settlements: An Investor’s Guide. In other words, you need far more information than what you receive from sales agents — and you need to verify the information.

    • Before making a decision to sell or to invest, compare companies. In our first Investor’s Guide we compared contracts from several companies. It was quite a learning experience.
  • We assist attorneys who represent victims of the industry. We have enabled attorneys to extend the statute of limitations for filing clients’ cases, and educated attorneys so that they were able to protect clients’ rights. If you are represented by an attorney, suggest our book, Viatical Litigation: Principles & Practice. (There is no other legal text on the industry).uctions for applying for fee-based consultation.

     The quickest, easiest way to request consultation is by email to ggwolk (at) Viatical-Expert.net .

     If you phone, leave a detailed message so that we have an idea whether it is an issue or information we can address. (When working, we often keep the ringer on the phone turned off, but will return messages.)

     Please understand that we are a small company and may not be able to return your call for several days. We regret that we are unable to return international phone calls.