Gloria Wolk’s viatical books draw on decades of experience as teacher, family counselor, insurance sales and financial planning.

She brought to her research of this new and complex area the education and experience gained from CCNY (City College of New York) and the University of Connecticut Graduate School of Social Work, and as a financial planner and award-winning career agent with Lincoln National (one of the top 15 diversified financial institutions in the nation).

Wolk has long been an advocate for those who are powerless (e.g., founder of Connecticut’s Coalition to Protect Children of Divorce), but it was not her intention to become a consumer advocate again. Her intent was to complete a historical biography that was her passion for years. Consumer advocacy was thrust on her when, as a volunteer at AIDS Services Foundation, she became aware that patients who sold their life insurance faced considerable risks. This awareness led to the publication of her first viatical book, Ca$h for the Final Days.

Since there were no other books on viatical settlements, prospective investors began to phone to ask advice. As these calls became more frequent, Wolk realized there was an increasing need for this information, and set about researching the issues in greater depth, then enlisting experts in related areas to contribute chapters to what became, Viatical Settlements: An Investor’s Guide.

Viatical Litigation: Principles & Practice began in a similar manner–spending hours on the phone educating lawyers who were approached by victims of the industry.

Changes within the industry led to Viatical & Life Settlements: An Investor’s Guide.

Fraud within the viatical and life settlements industry became the background of Wolk’s debut novel, Accidental Felon.

Speeches to Government Agencies

Gloria Wolk accepted invitations to address the following government agencies:

  • NASAA (North American Securities Adminstrators Association)
  • NAIC (National Assoc. of Insurance Commissioners)
  • State of  Indiana (Senate hearing on proposed viatical bill)
  • NCOIL (National Conference of Insurance Legislators)
  • House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (Feb. 26. 2002). Written testimony includes letter from one of the elderly victims of viatical fraud.  Pages from 107-55HofRep

All speeches/testimony are as a consumer advocate, speaking on behalf of patients, investors, and the need for a legitimate viatical industry.

Gloria Wolk is a member of IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors).

Please note: Wolk’s consumer advocacy efforts are not financed by any entity, which means it is necessary to charge for consultation.