Published in 1998, this was the first book to expose the new faces of fraud, unique to this industry.


  • “The best one-stop resource is Gloria Grening Wolk’s Viatical Settlements: An Investor’s Guide (Bialkin Books) and her Web site (www.viatical-expert.net).”

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

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  • “Wolk’s book, ‘Viatical Settlements: An Investor’s Guide’ is a must read for people considering an investment. Her chapter unmasking the sales pitches is worth the price all by itself.”

Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek

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  • “This is a must-read for potential investors in viatical settlements and those who advise them.”

Gerry H. Goldsholle, Esq., Pres. and CEO (retired) MetLife Brokerage and Marketing Corp., former chair of Amer. Bar Assoc. and Calif. State Bar Insurance Committees

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  • “A shot across the bow for potential viatical investors, Viatical Settlements: An Investor’s Guide illuminates the mysteries and minefields of viatical investing. Gloria Wolk draws on her substantial experience in the viatical settlement industry to offer a view from the trenches that all potential investors and investment advisors should read before investing a single nickel.”

Russell J. Herron, Esq., D’Ancona & Pflau, Chicago, Ill., former executive editor, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform

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  • “‘Viatical Settlements’ is easy to understand, informative, and a must-read for anyone considering buying or marketing viatical investments. If this book is not on the top sellers’ list it may be because it’s ahead of its time.”

Blair Dean, Ph.D., stockbroker

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  • “. . . excellent research which clearly exposes the scams and risks associated with viatical investments.”

Arshad H. Khan, author (with Vaqaz Zuberi) Stock Investing for Everyone