(excerpted from the Wisconsin Lawyer, October 2003)

“This collection of law and commentary helps clarify the issues and the law, and includes a selection of successful pleadings and briefs for attorneys who choose or are compelled to resolve wrongly done viatical agreements and their consequences. It is of uneven literary quality, as might be expected from an assembly of lawyers with varying writing styles . . ..
“It would help if the table of authorities were broken down by jurisdiction. Still, considering the growing impact of this little-known area of law, this small but heftily-priced volume deserves to be read, and probably placed in the firm library.”

Douglas E. Baker, Creighton 1989, a former legal editor for State Bar CLE Books, is an associate with the Wilson Law Group, Madison, where he has a general practice that includes business law, family law, and estate planning.

Viatical &  Life Settlements now affect nearly every area of law:

  • Bankruptcy (investors, debtors, viatical companies, sales agents, etc.)
  • Real estate
  • Dissolution
  • E.R.I.S.A.
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement
  • Insurance
  • Securities
  • Administrative Law
  • Probate
  • Elder Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Tax Law
  • Legislation
  • Criminal law
  • Etc.

Lawyers who need caselaw in any of these areas are welcome to contact me.

Contributors are the handful of pioneering attorneys who have specialized knowledge and experience.

Viatical Litigation is the only text devoted to this area of law.

Edited and with Introductions to the sections by Gloria G. Wolk, Foreword by Gerry H. Goldsholle, J.D.

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