Gerry H. Goldsholle, J.D., began his career as a trial lawyer for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. After law practice in New York City, he held various positions at MetLife including assistant general counsel, vice president for corporate planning and development, head of investment and fiduciary service, and chief brokerage executive. During his tenure as president and chief executive officer of MetLife Marketing Corporation, Mr. Goldsholle created the first accelerated benefits life insurance policy in North America.

A graduate of the College of William & Mary, Columbia Law School and the Stanford Business School Executive Program, Mr. Goldsholle is a chapter president of the Stanford Business School Alumni Association and member of the Dean’s advisory board.

Mr. Goldsholle served as chair of the group insurance programs committee of the state bar of California (1995 to 1997); was a member of the council and executive committee of the American Bar Association’s administrative law and regulatory practice section; chair of the insurance committee of that ABA Section, and chair of the New York City bar association’s administrative law committee. He is the author of articles and books and has presented speeches on legal and business topics throughout the United States, England, and Canada. In October 2000 Mr. Goldsholle served as chair for the first Viatical Academy, an interdisciplinary conference for professionals organized by Gloria Grening Wolk.

Mr. Goldsholle opted for early retirement in 1991, at the age of fifty, and became founder and CEO of Advice Company, an Internet incubator which sponsors the leading consumer legal site Free Advice.