A Financial Guide for the Terminally Ill and their Advisors


Ralph Nader says, “If you are a terminally ill person who needs money, or if you know a terminally ill person in that situation, you should read this book. Do not deal with a Viatical Settlement company or broker without reading this book!”

Key Benefits

  • How to avoid scams; how to resist high-pressure tactics
  • Which forms you should not sign, which rights you should not give away
  • All about insurers’ Accelerated Death Benefits — why they pay more and pay faster
  • How to get thousands of dollars more than initial offers
  • Easy-to-read, question-answer format


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NOTE: This book is out of print but widely available in libraries. Some of the information continues to be relevant. Additionally, insureds who have questions or encounter problems are welcome to contact us. We never charge a consultation fee to people who need to sell their life insurance due to terminal illness.