Bialkin Books is the only publisher of informational books on Viatical & Life Settlements. These books help you understand how the industry works and, most importantly, they reveal risks and tell you how to avoid these risks. Avoiding risk means more money in your pocket.

Note: This book no longer is available for sale but it is widely available at public libraries. If your library does not have a copy, ask them to get one through inter-library loan.

About Shipping

We ship books within twenty-four hours of receiving your order (processed through PayPal). Our preferred shipping method is USPS Priority Mail (or USPS Global Priority Mail). However, if you designate Media Rate, which takes longer to deliver, there is no charge for shipping. If you prefer Federal Express, which is quicker than USPS but more expensive, you will be charged the added cost.

Use the message area on the order form to notify us if you prefer shipping other than Priority Mail.

About Returns

Books may be returned if they are damaged in shipping. We will replace the damaged book at our own expense.


We do not provide refunds. If you are uncertain about buying a book, borrow a copy from the library. If your local library does not have a copy they will borrow from another library or order a copy. There has never been a problem with getting a library to order these books since they are unique, there is no competition.

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