an odd word, hmm?
Odder, still, that few people know anything
about Viatical and Life Settlements.
Most of what you read or hear
is from sales promoters.
Most of it is untrue.

Information presented here is based on original research by Gloria Grening Wolk, author of the only consumer advocacy books on Viatical &  LifeSettlements:

*  *  *

Ralph Nader had this to sayabout Ca$h for the Final Days:

“Until this book there was no guide for the terminally ill and their loved ones through the maze of the Viatical Settlement industry; no way  to maximize the cash going to the ill person; no help in making the decision whether to use Viatical Settlements at all; no discussion of other options for cash available to a very ill person.”

Why Viators (sellers) Need This Information:

The Internet has tens of dozens of ads from viatical and life settlement providers. Most of these companies are not licensed, and it is dangerous to deal with them. Seniors are a new target for fraud–as sellers of policies.

Why Investors Need This Information:

The Internet has tens of dozens of ads from companies eager to sell you viatical & life settlement investments. No federal agency regulates this investment; states are just beginning to do so. Investors are completely on their own — and have lost in excess of $500 million in the short life of this industry.

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